What To Bring To The Golf Course?

What To Bring To The Golf Course?

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Before you head on to the golf course, make sure you are ready. You should be equipped with all the techniques to play the game. You should have enough endurance to stay in the game. Patience is certainly an important thing to bring in your game. You also need to bring good equipment. Good equipment will give you an edge in the game. Here’s what to bring to the golf course.

Golf clubs

You can bring as much as 14 golf clubs in your golf bag. If you are a beginner, you don’t need all of them. You’ll start with a few golf clubs first. You can start with a driver and a putter. Make sure to try out the golf clubs first before buying them. You need to get the feel of the golf clubs. You might be comfortable with a certain grip that only matches a few golf clubs.

Electric golf trolley

Playing golf can take hours to finish. Buying one among the electric golf trolleys on the market is a wise decision. Carrying your golf bag might result to shoulder pain after the game. You can also save money because you don’t to pay someone to carry the bag for you. You can just let your golf bag glide easily using the electric golf trolley.


Your hands are the most important part of your body when it comes to golf. You will be swinging the golf club for many times in a day. Your hands will be prone to have blisters after hours of play or practice. Always bring your comfortable gloves for the game. The gloves will also help you have a better grip of the golf clubs.

Sun protection

Unlike other games, the golf course is uncovered. You will be exposed to the heat of the sun for many hours. Long hours of sun exposure are clinically proven to contribute to getting cancer. Cover yourself when going for a game on the golf course. Wear sports shirts that have long arms. Use sunblock to protect your skin. Use hats and sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sunlight.

Golf balls

If you are going to practice or a game, it’s always good to bring your golf balls. You need to check the balls first before buying them. It’s always advisable to buy golf balls in sets. You will soon lose a lot of your golf balls during the game. To maintain your momentum in the game, always bring golf balls that you will need during a game.

You should bring all the necessary equipment to play golf. Bring golf balls because losing golf balls is anticipated in a game.  Your sun protection will help to keep you feel comfortable during the game. Protecting your eyes from sunlight with a hat and sunglasses will help you see the game better. You need to protect your hands and get a good grip of your clubs using gloves. You can carry around your golf clubs with your electric golf trolley.

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3 Pros and Cons of Lithium Electrical Golf Trolleys

3 Pros and Cons of Lithium Electrical Golf Trolleys

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Whether you are a professional golf player or a golf hobbyist, you will need a golf trolley whenever you want to play in the golf course. One of the well-known and most used kind of golf trolley nowadays is the lithium golf trolley. Many golf lovers love the performance of this product and how it gives convenience to them whenever they are playing their favorite sport. However, no product is perfect. Despite getting good feedbacks from users, the lithium electrical golf trolleys have their disadvantages too. But don’t worry, here we will tackle both the pros and cons of this electric golf trolley to know if the product’s advantages beat the disadvantages.

The Pros:

  • Lithium electric golf trolley can be used with minimal effort

This golf trolley can be used by golf lovers even without putting too much effort. Because of the fact that this trolley is battery operated, then no need to manually operate or push it when using.

  • Lithium electric golf trolleys are perfect for uneven golf courses

One awesome feature of this golf trolley is that it can work perfectly even an uneven golf course. It is designed to function not just in flat surfaces but also in golf courses that are a bit of a challenge when you use a manual golf trolley.

  • Lithium electric golf trolleys have a longer life span

Compare to other electric golf trolley which is operated by lead acid battery, the lithium electric golf trolley last longer and is reported as more durable.

The Cons:

  • Lithium electric golf trolley is quite more expensive

If you compare the price of a lithium electric golf trolley compared to a push or manual trolley, then you will notice the difference of the price range of the two. The push or manual trolley is way cheaper compared to an electric golf trolley.

  • Lithium electric golf trolley is heavier and larger

If weight and size does matter to you when choosing for a golf trolley, then a lithium electric golf trolley may not pass your standards because it is known to be heavier and larger when folded compare to push or manual golf trolleys.

Upon looking at both the pros and cons of this Lithium electric golf trolley, we can say that despite of the two disadvantages that you will get if you invest with this product, the advantages that you will get still wins in our heart. If we talk about convenience, a lithium electric golf trolley will be the perfect fit for the job given that less effort is required when operating this trolley compare to the manual one. Also, the price range of the two trolley, the electric and manual, may differ, but spending a little more money is not a bad investment if you will get a product like the lithium electric golf trolley. So if you will ask us if buying a lithium electric golf trolley is a good idea, then we will definitely say YES! Besides, if you want to play your favorite sports, which is golf, in a more hassle-free experience, this golf trolley will be your partner in fun.

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3 Things to know on China Restoration

3 Things to know on China Restoration

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Porcelain is a type of ceramic where it has a specific type of clay paste fired to high temperatures. Commonly known as the most delicate form of porcelain, hard paste porcelain is whiter, more translucent and can be installed with finer details. Hard paste porcelain can withstand high temperatures.
Chinese have been known as the masters of porcelain and history shows that they  discovered porcelain in the early 1300s. Since that discovery porcelain trading has been a popular business between the European and Chinese. This story will unfold by these 3 things you have to know on China restoration.

1.    Europeans tend to replicate the Chinese tradition of creating delicate porcelain.

Europeans are the first people to appreciate the delicate beauty of hard porcelain which is white and often translucent. Because of this beauty, they tend to reproduce how the Chinese created and discovered them.
Still guarding the ancient Chinese tradition of how to make them, they made sure that important techniques are still hidden. Europeans also made an effort to learn the craft even though their secrets are hidden from the masters. Europeans create more soft paste porcelain versions because of the lack of certain requirements which China possess.

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2.    The main ingredient is Kaolin which Chinese people considered a rare item.

Because of Europeans limited access to China’s kaolin, they tend to experiment with other ingredients to imitate porcelain. These experiments led to the European’s discovery of soft paste porcelain.
Soft paste porcelain cannot withstand high heat temperatures unlike the hard paste porcelain of China. It is not white or translucent and not as strong and delicate as the original so its color is from cream to light grey. The 1700’s is when Europeans discovered some kaolin in their area.
Porcelain is indeed a difficult ceramic to replicate and joining the bandwagon, the Americans tend to replicate it as well. However they experimented in soft paste porcelain.

3.    Today, studio’s job is mostly porcelain restoration for Chinese ancient items.

Archeologists discovered Chinese artifacts which are delivered to porcelain restoration companies and studios. The artisans in the studio can perform invisible bonding and hand painting on the destroyed Chinese artifacts in no time. With skills and dedicated patience, porcelain Chinese stuff such as plates and vases can be fixed and repaired.
China has installed and created museums to make their items placed properly. This is where the porcelain restoring companies have their take on fixing these Chinese items.

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Today porcelain restoration has been a great help for Chinese museum preserving personnel and experts. This helps preserve ancient Chinese traditions and values. With this, young people in today’s generation can appreciate the beauty of porcelain. Today artisans can restore both soft and hard paste porcelain products. Moreover, other ceramic products such as ceramic, pottery, and collectibles can be restored with these working studios based around the world. Finally, China restoration has been a goal for the Chinese people to restore and preserve their rich history and tradition.

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