Accessorising Your Wedding Dress

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Congratulations on your engagement and on finding your perfect wedding gown. In this particular article we are going to focus on the next step of wedding dress shopping: the accessories! It doesn’t matter whether you have an up do or down do, whether you have a fifties style swing dress or a full princess meringue and look like a toilet roll cover: accessories are very important. If you have flipped through a range of dresses and chosen to purchase a caroline castigliano wedding dress you’ll know that accessorising is not the easiest but in this guide we will take you through the golden rules for choosing your accessories. caroline castigliano wedding dresses

You may not realise this, but matching your metals is crucial. Some metals look better with certain dress shades and as a general rule, ivory is best paired with gold since the creamy tints are highlighted in the fabric. Silver or platinum should be matched to a pure white dress as gold can look a little gaudy against brighter white hues. If your caroline castigliano wedding dresses is barely off-white then yellow gold will bring out the colour and match beautifully. If your dress is embellished with beadwork then let the beads dictate the colours of the accessories. Silver beads to silver metals etc. Less truly is more when it comes to your bridal look so if you want the full works of a veil, tiara, sash, earrings and necklace prepare to look a little more Christmas tree and a little less beautiful bride. Look at the gown you’ve chosen and the features that make it stand out to know what accessories to go for. For a simple gown, bold statement necklaces or fascinators draw the eye rather than a bold accessory on a giant dress – it just overdoes the look. If your hair is in an elegant up do then chandelier earrings wouldn’t look out of place as the focus is more on your ears and neck. Avoid designs that mimic dress embellishments as you don’t want to look like you’re trying too hard.

Your veil, if you are having one, should match the exact shade of your gown. Not every bride wants a veil on her wedding day but every bride should do her best to keep style in mind. If you have a busy dress, a simple veil won’t steal the spotlight. If your dress has a low back or intricate lace work at the back, then a long thick veil won’t do it any justice. Consider your size: if you are a tall woman then a longer train will suit your stature. Petite brides can be swamped in tulle if the veil goes halfway down the aisle. Your shoes should be given careful consideration given the time you will be spending on them. Blasting into Jimmy Choo and spending hundreds of pounds on four inch skyscrapers won’t be realistic for your wedding day but may well look gorgeous with the dress. If your groom is fairly short, then towering over him on the day is going to make you look like you’re dragging him down the aisle and beating him with a club to get there. Be mindful of height at the front of the altar and if you’re willing to brave pointy stilettos for the service and purpose of the photos, then make sure you have a comfy pair of flats in a spare bag to switch into at the reception.

Although it’s a special day try not to experiment too far beyond what you already know will suit you. If you rarely wear jewellery then stick to that as there’s no reason to drown yourself in diamonds for one day. You want to look like the most beautiful version of the you that you already are.

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Benefits of Wallpaper over Paint

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Are you debating about whether to paint walls or hang wallpaper? There are many reasons why you should consider wallpaper including Cole and son.You might be surprised by the number of benefits wallpaper provides and here are some of them:

  1. It can last up to 15 years

Wallpaper can last 10-15 years depending on factors such the quality of the product. Compare that to paint that must be refreshed every few years or so. The cost of paint can add up, let alone the hassle involving the time, money, and effort needed to add a fresh coat of paint to walls. You probably don’t want to spend a ton of time dealing with it.

  1. It can be partial or full

Another option you have when adding wallpaper to a room is that you can choose how much paper you add to the room. For example, you can add just add a border if you want, or cover whole walls with it. It’s up to you! This is yet another way there’s more versatility with wallpaper.

  1. It can provide many options

The number of options you have when adding wallpaper is almost unlimited. That involves colors, patterns, textures, etc. You can get the exact effect you want when painting the wallpaper with tiles, carpeting, furniture, wall decor, etc.

Christmas lights on shelf

This is a plus over paint. Paint is available in just about every color of the rainbow. The problem is that there’s less versatility regarding designs, textures, etc. So besides the color options, you’ll have fewer options when adding paint instead of wallpaper.

  1. It covers the wall’s blemishes

When your wall’s plaster has blemishes, it can be tough to cover. Wallpaper does it better than paint, so if you want to cover those blemishes, you should consider paper over paint.

  1. It’s easy to clean

Wallpaper is quite easy to clean. Sometimes there’s even a coating that allows you to use soap and water to clean the paper. This is a plus as you can clean everyday marks off the paper.

Another benefit is that it makes the wallpaper more durable, which means you won’t have to replace it as often as you’d have to repaint the walls.

Another way wallpaper keeps walls “clean” is by the designs hiding dirt and marks on the paper. It does it much better than a painted wall. This is another key benefit of wallpaper over paint.

  1. It saves money

This might seem surprising since you have to spend money for the wallpaper. That said, remember that the paper can last up to 15 years. Meanwhile, interior paint can need a refresh as soon as three years. So you’d have to repaint your home up to 5 years before hanging new wallpaper.

These are some of the main benefits of wallpaper over paint. Both of their pros and cons, but wallpaper is a better overall choice regarding its appearance, maintenance, and savings. Why not wallpaper?

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Why You Should Choose the Classic Lamps

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If you have been searching for luxury furniture and interiors online, you should have at least seen classic lamps as well. There are many  various Heathfield lighting lamps online and it can be confusing which one to choose. However, some people are not fond of getting lamps because it is out of their budget. Others think that lamps don’t add that much to the interior, which is why they choose to have furniture emphasized instead. But if you have ever felt your room as too gloomy or that it feels like it lacks something, all the more reason you need to consider the classic lamps.


But why of all the types of lamps out there does it has to be the classic lamps? The classics will never run out of style, no matter how much time passes. What’s more, as they become antiques, they will even get more expensive. You can use them in any theme, even if your room is a minimalist. They will always stand out. Often, the minimalist design can ruin the mood of the occupants. By putting in a classic lampshade, you will be surprised how it can change the mood and the atmosphere, too.


There are several parts that come with the classic lamps. The base is made out of various materials, which is usually out of metal. Another common material used is plastic or a combination of both. There are other classic lamp shades wherein its lamp cover is made out of metal or parchment.

Green sofa yellow pillows

Green sofa yellow pillows

These days, with the advancement of technology, the classic lamps have already adopted a new approach. The classic remains, but infusing with the modern touch; you get the modern classic lamps. Such kind of lamps has rapidly become one of the top source of light for a wide variety of applications in lighting.


The most common reasons why you should consider classic lamps are the following:

  • Long lifespan – classic lamps are projected to last for a couple of years without even changing the lightbulb. While most lamps require its lights to be changed a year later or two, classic lamps last for at least four years or more. It means that the lights used very durable and very strong.
  • Beautiful designs – how can you not love the beauty that dominates classic art? It is also evident with classic lamps as well. Infused with modern design these days, they have become more well-accepted all over the world. They are not only limited to the old generation but also appeals to the younger ones, too.
  • Budget – classic lamps may be seen as quite expensive, but when they are fused with modern design, you get a variety of options to choose from. Now you can choose one of the more affordable designs but still look like the classics.


To get the best classic lamp design, take your time to see for yourself, whether you find this at an antique shop, a boutique store or online.

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